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Recent Lab Photos

EASIR Lab members (re)united at The Love Consortium Love Conference in Durham, NC (Sept 28-30, 2022). Left to right: Dr. Brian Don, Dr. Tatum Jolink, Zoe Hansen, Alexis Cameron, Kylie Chandler, Emily Le, Dr. Sara Algoe, Jieni Zhou, Dr. Brett Murphy

EASIR Lab members, Fall 2019. Left to right: Dr. Brian Don, Dr. Brett Murphy, Dr. Emily Hooker, Dr. Tatum Jolink, Dr. Sara Algoe, Ayana Younge, Jieni Zhou, Kylie Chandler

Current Lab Members

Brett Murphy

Postdoctoral Fellow

Brett Murphy is interested in empathy, love, and other positive interpersonal processes. With prior academic training in law and history, he brings a multidisciplinary perspective to his psychological research.

Kylie Chandler

Graduate Student

Kylie conducts research on the topics of close relationship initiation and maintenance, and investigates questions about how individuals regulate their behavior in order to meet their relationship-relevant goals. In particular, she often employs experiments to study the motivations resulting from commitment in romantic relationships.

Zoe Hansen

Graduate Student

Zoe is interested in how nonverbal behavior is shaped by sociocultural and structural factors.

Jieni Zhou

Graduate Student

Jieni Zhou is interested in understanding conducive factors that lead to moments of co-experienced positive emotions in people' daily interactions with both strong and weak ties and the downstream relational consequences of such moments. To investigate these questions, Jieni Zhou used primarily behavioral coding and self-report measures. 

Issay Barry

Research Staff

Issay is interested in social interactions and social perceptions. More specifically, he is interested in how social interactions and perceptions are influenced by implicit and explicit biases. He is also interested in how culture can influence the way we view our relationships and the people around us.

Emily Le

Research Staff

Emily is interested in the role of relationships in emotion regulation. More specifically, she is interested in how reaching out to specific others in our social networks for emotion-specific regulation contributes to effective emotion regulation and benefits well-being.

Recent Lab Alumni

Alexis Cameron

Alexis is interested in intergroup relations, racial inequality, and DEI initiatives. More specifically, she is interested in designing interventions that promote equitable outcomes for marginalized groups in higher education and organizational settings. 

Emily Hooker

Dr. Emily D. Hooker examines the link between social class, close relationships, and ensuing physiological and psychological outcomes.

Tatum Jolink

Tatum Jolink (Ph.D.) studies adaptive behaviors used to initiate and strengthen close relationships (e.g., affectionate touch) and bidirectional links between social processes in relationships and the body (e.g., the immune system, sleep).

Ongoing Grants

A Scientific Approach to Living in Love: A Framework for the Future

This grant supports new research in Dr. Algoe's lab as well as the development of The Love Consortium.

The Love Consortium aspires to collaboratively leverage data to accelerate scientific understanding of human connection.

First Year and Beyond (FAB) Study – some of our FABulous RAs! (From left to right.) Top stair: Kylie Chandler, Tatum Jolink, Abigail Smits, Alexis Cameron, Dr. Sara Algoe; Middle stair: Emily Le, Ali Marx, Alicia Spencer, Zoe Hansen, Emily Allis; Lower stair: Eden Dunn, Claire Nolan, Mansi Agrawal, Isa Colon

FAB Study lead team, Wave I, May 2022 conference. From left to right: Tatum Jolink, Zoe Hansen, Dr. Sara Algoe, Kylie Chandler, Dr. Emily Hooker, Emily Le

FAB Study lead team, Wave II, October, 2022. (From left to right.) Top stair: Kylie Chandler; Middle stair: Tatum Jolink and Alexis Cameron; Lower stair: Emily Le and Zoe Hansen

Validation And Unification Of Love Measurement

This grant supports new research in Dr. Algoe's lab for the development of a measure of "love in the moment".

Uncovering The Cognitive And Cultural Foundations Of Gratitude

-Led by Michael McCullough, UCSD- Department of Psychology

Completed Grants

February 2016 Grant Team Data Blitz. Left to right: Yen-Ping Chang, Patrick Dwyer, Ayana Younge, Rainy Gu, Joseph Ocampo, Sara Algoe, Christopher Oveis

Picture This! Framing Purpose and Bringing Gratitude into Focus

-With Laura McKee, Georgia State University

This intervention seeks to increase gratitude in 9th graders through the use of digital picture-taking, sharing, and savoring. This study combines positive psychology (gratitude) with cognitive bias modification to foster student growth.

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