Ongoing grant projects


Gratitude and Societal Good: The role of everyday gratitude in productivity, transformational leadership, good citizenship, and the spread of altruism

-With Christopher Oveis, UCSD- Rady School of Management

February 2016 Grant Team Data Blitz. Team members pictured from left to right: Yen-Ping Chang, Patrick Dwyer, Ayana Younge, Rainy Gu, Joseph Ocampo, Sara Algoe, Christopher Oveis




Picture This! Framing Purpose and Bringing Gratitude into Focus

-With Laura McKee, Georgia State University


This intervention seeks to increase gratitude in 9th graders through the use of digital picture taking, sharing, and savoring. This study combines positive psychology (gratitude) with cognitive bias modification to foster student growth.




Graduate student lab members

Graduate Students:

Yen-Ping Chang

​Liana Gheorma

Tatum Jolink

​Ayana Younge

Lab alumni

Postdoctoral  Fellow: Patrick Dwyer 

Graduate Students:

Jazmin Brown-Iannuzzi

Lahnna Catalino

Jenna Clark

Suzannah Isgett

​Laura Kurtz

Kristjen Lundberg

Brett Major